Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Political Donations

Yeah. So I found this great site. It actually shows the political donations throughout the US. Check it out.

Political Donation Map of Saint Louis

Monday, September 27, 2004

Old News

The Missouri primary

Yeah it's old, but it sheds some light on the Missouri local races.

Yup. How Kerry can try to bounce back

The comeback Kerry
: "The comeback Kerry"

More on Bambang

Enter a new star

So Indonesia will have a new president

Economist.com | Indonesia�s presidential election

Yup. Indonesia will most probably have a new president. Hopefully Bambang will bring a breath of fresh air to Indonesian politics and steer Indonesia away from the communal violence and economic slump that it is in. Here's to Indonesia, our next door neighbour and esteemed friend in ASEAN. Free elections! Yay!

Federer for Congress

Federer for Congress

And this is of Bill Federer, the rival to Russ Carnahan. Bill has run against Gephardt before and it seems is well known in Saint Louis and also the broader Republican world. Read more about him too.

Russ Carnahan - Congress 2004

Russ Carnahan - Congress 2004

Yup. This is the scion of the late Mel Carnahan and Former Sen. Jean Carnahan. He's running for Dick's old seat (3rd Missouri Congressional District). He's a Democrat, but I want to give all a fair coverage of the local Saint Louis race.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My two cents

Ok, so I've been busy with school, but here's some reading material that'll be good for all of you...

War on Evil
Business as usual at the UN
Free Money
Undermining Freewill
Spreading Democracy
Religious Intolerance
Hating America

These are from Foreign Policy Magazine and they're really good. They give a good view on these ideas, and FP touts these at the World's Most Dangerous Ideas.

Here's something for all you Bush haters out there (also from FP).

Why not all NGOs are your friend. This is something that I have always strongly believed. NGOs are lobby groups and they represent interests, so they're going to twist the truth to suit their goals. Also many of them are filled with liberal college kids, who have nothing better to do with their time. So they rail at everything in sight. Be very careful with what you read, this piece included, everyone has an agenda. Even our good old Singaporean opposition.

Something to shed some light on all the liberal crying that the dirt poor go to fight wars in the US. It isn't the dirt poor, it's the lower middle class. The class that everyone forgot about.

Notice some trends in American history, Bush isn't the first and he won't be the last.

A good article on the current world situation.

Ok that's it for now. I'll be updating in a few days I think.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


Sorry that I haven't been posting regularly. I just got back to school and am trying to get back in the groove of things. I've also been involved with preparing for the Presidential Debates that are coming here. Well it turns out that Bush might cancel the Saint Louis leg of the debates, so I guess we're stuck with Michael Moore (the media whore), and Rock the Vote (yay! MTV!).

I must say that the College Republicans definitely have hotter women than the College Democrats. Women aside, I am hoping the debates come so we can get to hear Bush and Kerry at the same time. Also I'm looking forward to the 3rd Congressional district debates between the Libertarians, the Democrats and the Republicans. That's Dick Gephardt's old seat. It'll be a good race.

On other fronts, 2 French journalists have been kidnapped. So it proves that it doesn't matter whether you supported the war or not, fanatics are still going to blow stuff up and kidnap your citizens.

So race is still important in Singapore? That shouldn't come as a surprise. Even in countries older than ours, race is an essential part of identity. I think it is only natural to put race slightly before nationality. Race for the minority is a way to effectively preserve ones culture, while for the majority it is a way to provide a sense of security when trying to accommodate the minority races. Seriously, I think culture plays a bigger role than race. Furthermore it depends on the context. Between a Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwan Chinese, China Chinese and a Singapore Chinese, the cultural differences can be quite obvious. I would argue that I probably have more affinity with my Malay Singaporean friend than with say a Hong Konger. Singaporean culture (that's another kettle of fish) trumps so-called Chinese culture. Let's be honest folks, culture is ever changing and our Chinese culture has departed from other Chinese cultures.

James Gomez has some interesting things to say about overseas Singaporeans and online political activities. They make interesting reads about what the Workers' Party exco member thinks.

Well that's it for now. I'll keep you all updated on the going ons of the election from the ground. This is really an exciting place to be in, since Missouri is a swing state and the most important one too, because it holds the most electoral college seats for a swing state (11).

Sorry for not posting much. But I promise it'll be more regular from now on.