Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Reason why I wish to come back

Plutarch was once asked why he didn't join everyone else and move; you know follow a brain drain and make big bucks. His reply was "lest my small city should become even smaller."

My good friend from pre-primary recently got a nice programming job in Australia. He's been studying there for 5 years now. I'm gald for him. I asked him if he was ever coming home, he said maybe, but not soon. He wants to see more of the world before he returned home.

My girlfriend wants to move to China to work. She doesn't like countries where she's a minority and she's opposed to Taiwan, and I to Hong Kong, so China sounds like the only option. Her rationale is that China is more fun than Singapore.

Everywhere I turn those closest to me are leaving the country in search of a better life, be it higher pay or a crazier night scene. I mean jobs in the US pay more than jobs in Singapore, even after tax. And there are a lot more jobs for someone with my specialisation in the US.

Yet somehow I feel like I should come home. Maybe I'm old fashioned and believe in nationalism. Maybe I'm just loyal like that. Maybe I feel the need to fulfill my filial duty to my parents. Maybe I just like Singaporean food. I'm not too sure.

I feel like leaving is quitting while the going gets tough. You know, you enjoy the good times, and then you leave the minute trouble's on the horizon. A fair weathered friend. I feel like I have to help it out despite its flaws. I'm a skeptic not a cynic. I know there are deep problems with the place I regard as home, but I also know that given time and effort it can be improved.

Sure the provincial capitals of the Roman world are all nice and shiny, but I like my little Chaeronea.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger kwayteowman said...

I read you blog and I like you already. :-)

I consider myself a nationalist, but this is my view: you're still very young, the best thing for you to do is explore the opportunities you have available, learn as much as you can and perhaps get married. :-P

While I appreciate your thought about returning to Singapore to contribute to the nation. I think it can wait -- the economy is not all that good and it's not certain there's very much for you to do even if choose to come back.

You can trying looking for a job in Singapore; if something good comes along, fine. If you get better offers elsewhere, go and learn from the best in the world.

Perhaps when you've grown older and you have kids and you'd like to come back to raise your kids in Singapore, then come back. Or, better still, perhaps you make a name for yourself somewhere and you're called upon to come back to contribute in your field of expertise, come back.

I have a very dim view of those who label Singaporeans who choose to stay abroad as unpatriotic.

I think that, in general, Singaporeans who learn something before they return are likely to be able to make much more of difference to the nation than those who return fresh out of school, and wet behind their ears. :-)

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous ted said...

Being a nationalist doesn't mean you get your 3 square meals a day and a roof over your head too. Tsk.


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