Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The hustings

So election fever is beginning to grip our tiny little island. Everyone is gearing up for that big day where half the country doesn't vote and takes a nice holiday (although lately they've been scheduling it for saturday... the bastards!) and the other half pretty much gets to decide less than 50% of the seats in the next Parliament.

It is always nice to see that everyone is getting excited over not much.

Also alot of people have gone on hiatus. In fact most of us are not even blogging. Our favourite #1 blogger, Ms Molly Meek is on a holiday. A nice long holiday, I hope, to rest her nerves before Election Fever comes along and makes her sick all over again.

What do I have to say? I don't agree with the PAP or the WP for that matter. I think the PAP has grown too accustomed to unchallenged authority and forgets that it is a representative party. The WP, on the other hand, just doesn't appeal to me. They've got too many socialistic policies in there for me to go along with it. I can be a little bit of a cold hearted economic Liberal. I do agree on social safety nets, but I think the WP is aiming for safety nets that are far too high for my liking.

That's all I have to say on this matter. Being so far away also insulates me from the daily madness. I was hoping to count on other people to keep me updated but everyone is pretty much busy or talking about the gay issue (i won't go there).


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Ted said...

Really, you think there's no welfare under the PAP as well and that they are cheaper too? Maybe you should check this out:

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At 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Gov said this election is very important to all Singaporean. I strongly agreed cos i m a
Singaporean it concern me but Y ?? I m not given a fair chance to VOTE ??? Can't for once the whole nation vote together be it PAP/SAP/WP or etc... Answer is "NO" again Y ??? Cos this is our GOV set and said here come the Question : DID U PICK THEM TO BE OUR GOV ? ? When I was born they are already the GOV, till today they are still our GOV but never once the GOV ask me, DO I WANT THEM TO BE OUR GOV !!! Be fair to all Singaporean if is so important the election let the whole nation vote...... What I want from my GOV is to show me all they know beside just leading and 1st GOV must open their ear to listen to me cos I m a Singaporean I have my right to pick my GOVERNMNENT.

A word to the Government. What's Election??? Do you understand??/ What's walkover??// Do the resident agreed??// Why can't you win by Glory a fair and saint competition!!!// Why always find bone in the eggs when there is opposite sit in???// What is this??? Aren't we worst then a communist Country. We can't Vote fairly, We can't talk openly, We can't have our own thinking, we are worst than a puppet.

What's going on ????

Please Mr LKY, once and for all you are already 82yrs we don't denied and never will we forget you and your contribution to the nation. Your effort is always appreciated and cannot be erase. But it is time you have to let go.... You are once our hero so be it stay as a hero don't let the nation hate you and forget your contribution and goodness.

And please don't make Singapore a laughing butt to the World. I have been travelling around the world and the words I heard 10yrs before and now is totally different. How disappointed I am to say.

10 years ago - ppl say " Singapore is a clean and nice country. you have good government and system. What a great part of the world you are born in. Lucky you a Singaporean.

But now what they say : -

Oh you are from Singapore. What a pity, such a nice country but no human rights. You cannot have brain in Singapore or they will damn you in one way or another. You have to be a puppet for all your life like a slave. When you GOV say only right turn you can't go left. It is no longer a democracy world it is the LEE DYNASTY. We are back to the Emperor times in the history of China.

Please is time to let go.

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