Thursday, December 08, 2005

High School High

Inspired by Chem Gen and my old guest article to The Void Deck, I've decided to write a short piece about my impressions of Singapore's blogsphere.

I've come to think of the Blogsphere like a high school. There are all sorts...

The Bitch Queens - We all know there are a few of them out there. They tend to hurl insults at everything and everyone.

The Ah Bengs - You know they like to use profanities and complain about their everyday life and see how much of a "gangster" they can be.

The tech geeks - All they ever talk about are technology matters. That's it.

The pretty darlings - yeah we've got tons of those too. Pictures everywhere and loving the attention. (some of them can be Bitch Queens too)

The ordinaries - you know the kind you always see in a movie or tv show just filling space walking the halls. Yeah... They have their own worries and troubles, but stay out of the spotlight

The info traders - these people post information about everything going on in the school and outside world.

The serious folks - that would be the more serious bloggers. worrying about bigger things and really trying to tweak the system...

I'm sure we can think up of more categories but here's the basic list. Feel free to add more if you like in the comments.

Also as a sidenote, there is a difference between a cycnic and a skeptic. A cynic knows that the system is flawed but gives up thinking that it's the way things are. A skeptic knows that the system is flawed, but believes that it can get better. =)


At 5:30 AM, Blogger The Void Deck said...

The old guest article to The Void Deck..

Nama and Bangsa

At 9:29 PM, Blogger chemgen said...

Skeptic and cynic. A nice distinction for those who comment on Singapore's politics!


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