Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's been a long time

Hello folks. Sorry it's been a while. Graduating and moving house is not so easy. And then entertaining friends visiting is also very time consuming.

Well I'm home and soaking up the rays. Deciding my future. I mean only two more years and I have to come back. Looking around and realising I don't quite like it here, but it isn't bad either.

Nothing interesting on the news front lately. The sg bloggers are gearing up towards a convention. Maybe I will show face, but I am not sure which hat to wear. Seeing as how I have two faces. Like Janus.

Slow news days lately. Nothing interesting. Home is boring. So far this is the best news I've heard. And by best I mean silliest. Sue OPEC? At which court? This is silly shit. Silly silly senators.

Yup. Sorry. Slow news year. Ha ha... I mean the casino...erm... Integrated Resorts are going to be built so no point talking about that.

Have a good week.